RX Pro is the pharmacy software system for the Dutch Caribbean and Surinam. It is a complete Apothecary Information System (AIS) for the distribution of prescription and non- prescription medicines with all necessary functions and adapted for local markets.  Main features: Dispensing interface The main screen for the dispensing of medicine is a very user friendly interface with an enormous amount of intuitive functions for searching and checking. Partial deliveries can easily be handled and reproduced, all medication control messages are clear and transparent and from this screen in a few clicks the user can bring all information of medications and patients to the screen. 6 different levels of medication control can be switched on or off. Barcode scanning forms the basis for the dispensing, registration and control of the medicines dispensed and the recipes scanned. (Local) Z-Index The basis for the list of registered medicines in the database is the Dutch Z-Index. This index is being updated monthly and is part of the license for RX Pro. Since several medications that are not available in the Netherlands, and are thus not present in the Z-Index, are being prescribed on the local markets, a clever system to enrich the Dutch Z-index with these medications is included in the system. The Pharmacist himself can add medicines to the Z-index list.
RX Pro
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