“Ticketing Management System Pro” (TMS Pro) is the most complete software system for sport federations and offers an integrated ticketing printing, registering, processing and validation solution. It is a complete ticket management software that takes care of the printing and selling of day tickets as well as season tickets. TMS Pro allows the entering and setting up an unlimited amount of teams, divisions, season card and match day card types, locations, etc. The user interface of the point of sale of match day cards is very user-friendly and is built for fast processing of visitors. The scheduling module allows the scheduling of all matches of a complete season upfront but gives the possibilities to reschedule matches during the season as well. The system has been built as a season-based solutions. With the scanning and validation module in place, tickets will be (bar code) scanned upon entrance of the visitors which instantly validates and registers the ticket so tickets can be used only once and avoids ticket fraud. The system can be easily modified and fast customized per country.
Ticketing Management System Pro
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