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Our software packages

Payroll Pro HRM

Payroll Pro HRM is the most used and most complete payroll and HR software in the Caribbean. Over 3500 companies, big and small and governmental institutions experience the advantages of this comprehensive and user-friendly software every day.



Payroll Pro HRM uses an intuitively driven menu to guide you through every function. Whether you are a payroll novice or a professional, it enables you to work accurately and in compliance with the official tax legislation. You will have your first payroll ready in no time at all.


Payroll Pro HRM offers a completely integrated HRM solution!

Anticipating on the wishes of our customers, all activities of the HR-department are integrated in the software and combined with your salary administration. Apart from a digital personnel file and wage information, a lot of HRM functionalities are offered; a recruitment module, performance evaluations, work permits registration, absence leave and holiday registration, registration of provided equipment and an organization chart. These are just parts of this fully integrated HRM solution in Payroll Pro HRM. 

Self Service Portals

- Employee Self Service Portal

- Manager Self Service Portal

- Accountant Self Service Portal

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Payroll Pro HRM


RADEX is the complete Border Control Management System with a Signaling Registry and  multi–biometric capture and search capabilities. The system is scalable, modular and a turn-key solution  for government agencies involved in law enforcement activities to protect their borders.

In the past 10 years RADEX has evolved in a world leading border control management system. With this evolvement the amount government agencies and government approved third-party users have found their way to the unlimited possibilities of the application. These possibilities are reflected in a modular buildup of the application which can be separately obtained in an array of modules like;

  • First stage processing

  • E-Gates integration

  • Second stage processing

  • FBO: Handling of private airplanes

  • Multi-Biometric enrollment and search

  • Portable units can be taken on to vessels, boats or on the road

  • Wanted lists compatible with all international agencies

  • Coast guard: A helping hand with the search and processing of illegal immigrants

  • Tourism module for marketing, statistics, reports and data analysis

  • Interfaces with Governmental agencies like government permit department, tax collector office or civil and population register

  • ESTA for automated pre-screening

  • Extensive reporting module

  • ED-card /Tourism card processing (Online)

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eGovernment offers new opportunities for more direct and convenient citizen access to government and for government provision of services directly to citizens.

It is based upon a highly secured platform for the application of Information and Communication Technology for providing government services, interchange of statistics, communication proceedings, integration of various independent systems and services. eGovernment also allows for higher levels of effectiveness and efficiency in governmental tasks, improvement of processes and procedures, increases the quality of public services, also improves the use of information in the decision-making processes and allows for better communication among different governmental offices


The advantages of e-government include:

  • An improved flow of information from citizen to government, government to citizen, and within government itself;

  • Modernize administration procedures, improving economies and promoting transparency in the process;

  • Centralized administration of citizen and company data.

Calltracer Pro


RxPro is the pharmacy software system for the Dutch Caribbean. It is a complete Apothecary Information System (AIS) for the distribution of prescription and non-prescription medicines with all necessary functions and adapted for local markets. The main features are:

Dispensing Interface

The main screen for the dispensing of medicine is a very user friendly interface with an enormous amount of intuitive functions for searching and checking. Partial deliveries can easily be handled and reproduced, all medication control messages are clear and transparent and from this screen in a few clicks the user can bring all information of medications and patients to the screen. 6 different levels of medication control can be switched on or off. Barcode scanning forms the basis for the dispensing, registration and control of the medicines dispensed and the recipes scanned.


(Local) Z-Index

The basis for the list of registered medicines in the database is the Dutch Z-Index. This index is being updated monthly and is part of the license for RxPro. Since several medications that are not available in the Netherlands, and are thus not present in the Z-Index, are being prescribed on the local markets, a clever system to enrich the Dutch Z-index with these medications is included in the system. The Pharmacist himself can add medicines to the Z-index list.


The complete Medication control of the Z-Index is activated in the RxPro system for the original Z-Index and the local Z-Index and all 6 modules can be switched on or off separately:

  • Age

  • Medicine Interactions

  • Double Medications

  • Contra Indications (also Derived Contra Indications)

  • Dosage

  • Allergies

The system uses very user friendly and transparent messages for the Medication control and all overrides can be set to be depending on supervisor or Pharmacist login. Necessary actions such as contacting the prescribing doctor can all be easily documented in the system.

The latest Medical Pharmaceutical Decision Rules are also part of the Medication Control and integrated in the system that allows for personalized Medication Control settings.


Magistral Preparations Module

The system allows to document and produce Magistral Preparations and execute the correct cost and selling price calculations. All these preparations will adjust the inventory of the raw materials automatically. The declaration of these preparations to the insurance agency is handled automatically.

Inventory Control Module

During dispensing of medicines and materials the inventory is updated constantly. A very nice “Suggested Purchase Order” module gives the Pharmacist an easy way to do his regular purchase orders. By using a custom formula, specifically designed for pharmacies, based on the Economic Order Quantity model the program ensures that the orders are just enough keeping the stock value as low as possible while maintaining a high service level to the patients. The Pharmacist can set parameters per medicine but also general parameters how he wants to do his ordering. It is no longer needed to do frequent manual inventory checks for the ordering of the products. The Suggested Purchase Order report does also take the items into account that were reserved for incomplete partial deliveries. 


Billing Module

For the monthly declarations to the local insurance the correct billing format is automatically being used per country. So for each country where RxPro is available the correct billing interfaces are available to send to the insuring agencies. This goes fully automatic and, if possible, the insurance portal is used for this. All sets of rules of the local insurer are implemented in the Billing Module. For all other insurers a special report is available for the billing.

Barcode Based Scanning and Searching

The label printer will include a barcode on each prescription label and the barcodes on the packaging of the products will match with these. This ensures very easy searches for stored prescriptions and for medication to be dispensed. This way the margin of error is very low and RxPro will make a clear message if the wrong medication is scanned before giving it to the patient. On top of this all prescriptions can be scanned in the system and can be retrieved very easily. Disputes about prescriptions are being solved this way very easily.

Role Based Access Control

To make sure that all users have the right access (and not more!) a very detailed Role Based Access Control system is implemented in RxPro. Access can be set for very specific tasks in the program and on the all different screens of RxPro.


Audit Trail

All actions and all changes to any database are being recorded and can be retrieved by a system supervisor. So a very detailed report can be made of actions (per user) that were done in the past.

Automatic Replication and Synchronization

The RxPro system comes with a replication and synchronization engine. The replication engine allows for constant updates on the local terminals. This ensures that the application will continue to work even without any internet connection to the main back-end server. The synchronization engine allows for synchronization between different pharmacies of the same user group also. So all pharmacies in the group have access to the inventory, patient data and transactions of the other pharmacies. 


“Zorg Regels”

The system allows for entering “Zorg Regels” (lines of care actions done by the pharmacy) that can be reported and billed/ reported to the insurers.


Extra Modules 

The system contains several extra modules that have been developed for special situations and are available upon request. There is a complete module for Special Authorizations available. There is a Diabetes module available for dispensing of Diabetes materials including several reports plus the automatic importing of Glucose meters data of the patients. A distribution module for retirement homes is present. Also a blister module for blister dispensing is available. And an interface with a Baxter machine is available that allows for automatic dispensing in pouches.

RX Pro
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